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AutoLISP - Add ActiveX to Your Programming Repertoire

If you're already familiar with AutoCAD AutoLISP programming language, your natural next step to a higher level of programming is a Visual LISP (VLISP). VLISP offers several advantages compared to AutoLISP. Its a complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) includes a debugger, syntax checking, auto indentation and code formatting, and integrating the security code, and its interface is similar to the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) IDE. VLISP continues the legacy of AutoLISP and provides developers with the future release of AutoCAD AutoLISP will offer a customization option.

Access to ActiveX objects from the AutoLISP code that provides the same object model, properties and methods that are available in C + +, Visual Basic, and Delphi programming environment with syntax you're already familiar s. As an added bonus, you can integrate with AutoCAD Microsoft Office applications and other Windows applications that support ActiveX methodology.


AutoCAD objects, which are already familiar with, include lines, arcs, circles and text. These are the main components of ActiveX applications. In ActiveX, linetypes, dimensions and text styles, layers, groups, blocks, viewports, model space and paper space drawings and AutoCAD applications, are also represented as objects. View AutoCAD, and Visual LISP ActiveX Help section ActiveX and VBA Reference to see the entire object model, methods, properties and events.

AutoCAD object model follows the hierarchical strukturu.Objekt AutoCAD applications at the top or root. All objects within the object model are grouped into collections. For example, the document collection contains all open AutoCAD drawings sesiju.Aktivni current document object is currently selected crteĆŸ.Blokovi collection contains all the blocks in the AutoCAD drawing, a special block PaperSpace collection object that contains all the subjects in the active work space looks like.

Each object within the model provides access to the next level subjects, and has one or more svojstava.Linija object is described by properties such as the startpoint, endpoint, linetype, or color. Properties such as radius, area and linetype circumscribe the object.

objects contain methods, which are actions of a particular object. Some methods can be applied to most of the AutoCAD drawing objects, for example, in motion, and Mirror mode -. But others apply only to items such as line, arc, circle and ellipse


can access ActiveX objects in VLISP through a number of functions added to the AutoLISP language. These functions use the prefix-VLA as follows:

* VLA-These functions call the appropriate ActiveX methods, for example, VLA-AddLine appeal AddLine way.

* VLA-get-These functions call the appropriate ActiveX properties, for example, VLA-get-color get property of objects in color.

* VLA-put-this function corresponds to each property and update the value of property, for example, VLA-put-color color changes of ownership structures.

a general set of ActiveX related to functions allow you to access your custom ActiveX objects, or objects from other applications, such as an Access database. VLISP provides the following AutoLISP functions whose names begin with vlax and apply the methods, objects and properties:

* vlax-invoke-method call ActiveX method directly.

* vlax-get-property returns the ActiveX object's properties,

* vlax-put-property real estate update ActiveX object.

Making the transition from AutoLISP to VLISP is not as difficult as you might think. Once you are familiar with VLISP IDE, editing and debugging tools, you will wonder how you did without them. You should start editing the files in AutoLISP VLISP familiar with the IDE. To enter VLISP going from AutoCAD, type in VLISP AutoCAD command prompt and start the program.

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